Takahashi Hanami 2008

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Temple Yakushi-In 薬師院

061 Yakushi-In Temple

022 temple garden

going in circles
the mind
the sand

023 sand art

Yama Warau -
the mountains smiling
in spring splendor

045 blossoms and mountain top

A bit further to the east

032 he is watching you

038 full bloom

064 blossoms and temple walls

a world full of spring -
I climb the temple stairs
into the sky

This temple is located at the slope of a steep mountain, supported by a huge stone wall, almost like a castle. Its amazing sight has been used as location for some Japanese films, among them the famous series of "Tora san".

Details of this Temple Walk :

Statue of Kobo Daishi with a Child
Koyasu Daishi 子安大師

Stone Buddhas in Spring


Part 2
Kagura Kaido Mountain Road toward Fukiya

Part 3
Fukiya Homes
The Hirokane Residence in Fukiya

Take your time for 140 photos !
Photo Album

My Visit to Takahashi in July 2005 :
Stone Garden
Buddhist Decoration Flowers

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Kumarendra Mallick said...

Excellent photographs with a touch of divinity through your haiku. It inspires me to write the following one:

Morning fog —
footpath steps up Tirupati hills
merge with the sky

Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad, India (The sacred Balaji temple is located on Tirupati hills in Andhra Pradesh. Balaji is lord Vishnu)

Gabi Greve said...

Wonderful photos!

Thank you very much.

I was wondering about the concrete torii in the village. It is
white. This is the only white (not red or natrual wood reddish) one
I have seen. Is it not traditional to have a red torii?

Also, this village looks very familiar to me. Is it within walking distance from GokuRakuan?

wild mountain --
the cherry trees
look calm

ciao... chibi


Hi Chibi san,
the torii is made from concrete and in this natural color of the material. It is not painted ... maybe they will paint it later ?

But some torii are of natural stones also and in rather gray-ish colors.

This village is about 2 hours drive from my home.