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Bitchu Kagura Poster

The Bitchu Kagura Ritual Dance originated in the ancient belief, held by the local people of Nariwa, that natural disasters, disease and other such misfortunes were brought upon them by a wild god named Kojin.
This special dance was created in order to appease the angry god.

117 Bitchu Kagura Poster

deep in the mountains
a dragon unfolds ...
Bitchu Kagura

074 blue and white kobushi

Kagura Kaido Mountain Road かぐら街道

At a rest area close to the Matsunaga Bridge
there is a special dramatical exhibition ...

071 Kagura Mountain Road

The Dragon Slayer Susano

072 Kagura Kaido slaying the dragon

The Dragon with many heads

073 the magic dragon

075 theater in stone


Susano was punished for his bad behavior and sent to the far away land of Ne no Kuni. As he wanders the region, he comes upon an old couple
doing a dance of mournig.

When he asked them, they told him of a giant serpent, which was attacking and eating the young maidens of the village, and now they fear for the safety of their own daughter.

Susano wished to take their daughter as his wife, and so enlisted the help of the Deity "Matsu no Myojin" who prepared a concotion of poisonous rice wine.
Susano gave this sake to the serpent and could now slay it.
Thus he saved the village.


076 gyaaaaa


Kagura Poster

102 Kagura poster


Kagura Mask

024 Kagura Dance Mask

備中中部広域農道 (かぐら街道)

From Route 180 north of Takahashi town turn west at Takakura 高倉, where the road makes a huge loop to gain hight, then drive leisurely through the rather steep mountains toward Matsubara 松原 village, pass through Uji 宇治 village and reach Fukiya 吹屋ふるさと村. The road is not well travelled (we met three cars on the 30 minute drive), but the road condition is extremely well, with rather gentle curves considering the high mountain area and parts with more than 10% steep up or down slopes.
From Fukiya, you can drive down the other side and reach Niimi Town with a highway connection.

Three breathtaking bridges across extremely steep valleys make for extra thrill on this beautiful mountain road.

Japanese MAP of the area !

Fukiya Village

Takahashi and Fukiya Village

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Kagura Dance for the Gods My Information


Bitchuu Kagura Ningyo 備中神楽人形
Kagura Dolls
from the village of Nariwa 成羽

The dolls are about 10 cm high, made of clay and with beautiful colors.
The small ones are only 4 cm high.
There are also 19 masks of the deities and some papermachee masks of this dance.

source :upp.so-net.ne.jp/u1cku/gangu5

source : popeye.sakura.ne.jp/okayama...
from the Shrine 松尾明神 Matsuo Jinja

. Folk Toys from Okayama .


. Aichi - 碧南大浜土人形 
Ohama Clay Dolls .

神楽 Kagura dancer
about 22 cm high, made by 禰宜田佐太郎 Negita san

Fuuso tsuchi ningyo 扶桑土人形 clay doll from Fuso
made by 近藤茂三郎 Kondo Shigesaburo
about 25 cm high, beginning Meiji period

. Folk Art from Aichi .


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Cow Lady said...

ah yes, the kagura! We have a dance every four years at the New Year on Shiraishi Island. The kagura story is so well known that the audience participates heartily and drinks along with the dragon! It's like going back in time to the performances of yore with audience participation. Kagura is a classic Japanese masterpiece, eh?