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初雪や 托鉢坊の 足赤く

first snow -
the feet of the begging monk
all red

Erster Schnee!
Der Bettelmönch hat
ganz rote Füße!

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Food Offerings and Begging Bowls 

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Anonymous said...

Very touching!


smoldering heat
the bare-footed Jain monks
hardly touch the ground

The Jains monks are often seen walking at all hours - through heat and cold and rain, they have a piece of cloth over their mouth -so as to not swallow any living things inadvertently, and to this day they follow this strict discipline



Anonymous said...

I really like this one Gabi.

Great photos too!

Richard Kay, Australia


Anonymous said...

So nice!!
I could understand three language haiku including German.
Thank you Gabi san for nice haiku that I like, [ashi akaku }


Anonymous said...

That's really nice, Gabi.
Conjures up images of Santoka for me.
Reading the Japanese, I see there's some wordplay (or at the very least, phonetic harmony) between hatsuyuki and takuhatsu.

Mi esperantigos:

unua neg^o -
almozmonah^aj piedoj
plene rug^aj

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Wow Gabi san!

Many layers of meaning in this one. The poem both amuses me, and makes me concerned for those who go without in the winter. Hmm... I wonder why this image could seem funny... maybe I have a warped sense of humor.

Thanks for this treat.




Anonymous said...

What an intense image!
red and white, sacrifice and purity, love and faith...

M. from Italy