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Shimada-juku 島田宿

Station Nr. 23 of the

. Tookaidoo 東海道 53 stations of the Tokaido Road .


The twenty-third of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō. It is located in what is now part of Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Shimada-juku was located on the left bank (Edo side) of the Ōi River, just across from its neighboring post town, Kanaya-juku. The Tokugawa shogunate expressly forbit the construction of any bridge or ferry service over the Ōi River, forcing travellers to wade across its shallows. However, whenever the river flooded due to strong or long rains, it made passing nearly impossible. During period of long rains, visitors were sometimes forced to stay at Shimada-juku for several days, increasing the amount of money they spent.

Hakone Hachiri 箱根八里
A common saying about Shimada-juku was

"You can travel the 8 Ri to Hakone, but to cross it,
you must cross the uncrossable Ōi River"

箱根八里は馬でも越すが 越すに越されぬ大井川
Hakone hachiri wa uma demo kosu ga
kosu ni kosarenu Ōigawa.

The classic ukiyoe print by Ando Hiroshige from 1831-1834 depicts travellers crossing the shallows and sand banks of the Ōi River. Some are on foot, some are carried by porters and others are riding in kago.
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1 ri 里 is about 4 km.


umakata wa shiraji shigure no Ooigawa

the horse driver
might not know about this winter drizzle
of river Oigawa

Tr. Gabi Greve

Written in the end of the 10th lunar month, 1691
元禄4年10月下旬, collection 泊船集.

Basho was on the way back from a trip to Kansai. He stayed at the home of Jooshu 如舟 Joshu in Shimada.
He had safely crossed the river and was in Shimada, looking at the other side to Kanaya-juku.
His horse leader was from Kanaya and had to go back with his horse.

. Station Nr. 24 - Kanaya-juku 金谷宿 .

Placenames used by
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .


Tsukamoto Jooshu 塚本如舟 Joshu
? - 1724
He was the "river governor" 川奉行 kawa bugyoo, river commissioner at Shimada, his name was
Tsukamoto Magoemon 塚本孫兵衛. He was 84 when he died.
He appears in Basho's story of "Shimada no Shigure" 島田の時雨.
written in 1691, Basho age 48.

Basho had been working for the Waterworks Department of Edo town for a while.
. mizu-bugyo 水奉行 the water "mayor" of Edo .

Basho visited Jooshu again in Genroku 7 (1694) and ate his eggplants:

. chisa wa mada aoba nagara ni nasubi-jiru .

Memorial Stones of Basho visiting Joshu in Shimada.
Hokku by Basho written in Shimada and memorial stones in various places

source : itoyo/basho

yado karite na no nanorasuru shigure kana

trying to get a lodging
i have to call out my name
because of the sleet falling . . .

Tr. Gabi Greve

This hokku has the cut marker KANA at the end of line 3.



田植えと共に旅の朝起 - 芭蕉 Basho
taue to

やはらかにたけよ今年の手作麦 - 如舟 Joshu
yawaraka ni

- 芭蕉 Basho

umakata wa

chiisa wa mada

tawamite wa
Oi Nikki 笈日記

michinobe no

uma ni nete

source : www.shimada-ta.jp


. The 53 Stations of the Tokaido 東海道五十三次 .

. Kaido 日本の街道 The Ancient Roads of Japan .



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