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Kyoo Kaido 京街道 Kyōkaidō - Kyo Kaido

general name for roads leading to Kyoto.

Some special ones are

Oosaka Kaidoo 京街道_(大坂街道) Osaka Kaido

From Osaka to Kyoto.

From Kyobashi Osaka (close to Osaka castle)
later called bridge Koraibashi 高麗橋.

. Osaka 大阪 Food Culture .

along the river Yodogawa 淀川 Yodo River
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passing Fushimi 伏見

. Clay Dolls from Fushimi - 伏見土人形 .

until Shijooi Nawate 四条縄手 in Kyoto.

Most of the road was prepared by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
to connect Osaka castle with Fushimi castle.

Nowadays, many of the towns along the road try to revitalize the region with traditional shopping malls.

京街道商店街地区 Kyokaido
西京街道商店街地区 Nishi Kyokaido
小船木商栄会地区 Kobunaki village
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Hirakata City 枚方宿 Hirakata shuku in Osaka
Located along the Kyo Kaido, once the main route linking Osaka and Kyoto (Edo Period: 17 - 18th centuries), Hirakata Post Station was one of the most famous post towns (relay station) in its day, and the site of many inns. From years long past, the city prospered as a distribution center for goods carried by boats on the Yodo River, and even today it still retains the bustling atmosphere of the common people that has made it famous.

The photograph here shows one example, "Kagiya," once an inn and restaurant, which we have converted into a cultural reference museum.
source : topics_rekishi.html


Higashi Kooya Kaidoo 東高野街道
Higashi Koya Kaido

from Kyoto to Mount Koyasan

Nara kaidoo 奈良街道 Nara Kaido
from Nara to Kyoto

Tanba kaidoo 丹波街道 Tanba Kaido
From Tanba to Kyoto
At the Tanbaguchi 丹波口 was the store of the black beans from Tanba 黒豆屋.

There were seven gates for the seven main kaido leading to Kyoto.



. Kaido 日本の街道 The Ancient Roads of Japan .



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