Abason Village

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Chiiwa shrine 千磐神社

famous for its huge trees and clear water

03 wisteria memorial stone

the "lying down dragon" wisteria tree
臥龍藤 garyuu fuji

02 lying dragon wisteria

07 cedar and wisteria  END


The Giant Cedar tree

Chiiwa Shrine is famous for its cedar with two stems.
The tree is more than 660 years old.
Its biggest diameter is 4.5 meters.

04 giant cedar one becomes two


06 stone water basin

water clears -
to quench the thirst
of all the demons

Abason, 阿波村, the village of Aba in Northern Okayama, north to Tomada district and bordering to Tottori, with a small pass leading over the mountains to Chizu town.

It is quite a rich community with beautiful forests around. In the middle of nowhere is also a very long building of a metal factory along the River Yoshii.


On February 28, 2005 Aba village, together with the town of Kamo 加茂, from Tomata District, the town of Shōboku 勝北, from Katsuta District, and the town of Kume 久米, from Kume District, was merged into the expanded city of Tsuyama 津山.
Now the villag does no longer exists as an independent political unit.

The village area is rather large, mostly forest, but the inhabitants are only about 650 (as of 2003).

The shrine Chiiwa Jinja 千磐神社 looked rather forelorn and not in use. The wooden stage for the lion dance was in a very bad shape, certainly not ready to be used for this year's autumn festival.

Now the village has a hot spring in the center, where the fresh water from the mountains is heated and the farmers can enjoy a hot bath rather cheaply.
Moegi no Sato Aba Onsen もえぎの里あば温泉

The remains of castle Yahazu Shiro 矢筈城
of the Kusakari clan can be seen by the roadside, close by is the shrine
Yahazu Jinja 矢筈神社, where the protector deity of the clan was revered.
(yahazu is the notch of an arrow.)
The local deity Oji Gongen 王時権元 (王子権現 Ooji Gongen) is revered in this shrine. Oji Gongen is related to the Kumano region and its deities.

The castle was also called "Takayama castle" 高山城.
Kusakari Hiratsugu 草刈衡継 founded the castle in 1532. He was a follower of the Mori clan and the castle was often threatened by Hideyoshi. You can walk the steep mountain path up to the top of the mountain to see the castle remains.

The paved road leads on, leaving the settlements behind, along the River Yoshiigawa and into the steep slopes of
Yahazu Mountain 矢筈岳 .

We follow the road through the deep pine for a while, stopping when it crossed at a large waterfall and turned into a dirt road.
We made our way back, since a rather strong rain turned the view into mist.

Today, we had some business in Tsuyama town, so we took the road to Abason, but the weather was not on our side. We hope to be back soon and explore more of the splendid forests and many waterfalls.


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the thirsty Demons

. Chizu 智頭 (Tottori)  


Even the trees have spirits -
everything has a spirit.


The trees are great teachers.
The trees are great listeners.
That is why we should meditate in their presence.
The Great spirit is in every rock, every animal,
every human being, and in every tree.
The Great Spirit has been in some trees
for hundreds of years.
Therefore, the trees have witnessed and heard much.
The trees are the Elders of the Elders.
Their spirits are strong and very healing.

source : White Bison -Wellbriety


. Water clears (mizu sumu)  
kigo for all autumn

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Isabelle said...

Thank you, Gabi san! I love the way the past and the present co-exist in the places of Japan. Thank you for letting your readers participate in your travels.

facebook said...

twin cedars...
twice the sneezes
from Abason Village
the wisteria
claim the tree top...
Abason Village

Oh my, what a quaint place nearby Gokurakuan?