Tottori - Nagata Shrine

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Nagata Jinja 長田神社

68 Shrine Nagata jinja

lanterns and curtain with family crest

71 family crest and lantern

73 family crest on curtain

the old keyaki tree

76 amazing huge keyaki tree

ALBUM Shrine Nagata Jinja

The local deity Nagata Daimyoojin 長田大明神 is enshrined here since olden times, at the foot of mounn Kyusho 久松山 in Tottori. During the Edo period, it was the protector shrine of the castle.

The Lord Kikkawa 豊国吉川経家 is also enshrined here.

Kikkawa Tsune-Ie
吉川経家 (1547 - 1581)

In 1581, Toyotomi Hideyoshi (who was then known as Hashiba Hideyoshi) attacked and besieged the castle of Tottori. To save his soldiers and the citizens from starvation the 35 year old lord Kikkawa Tsuneie offered to take his life. Thus, the people were spared and Tsune-Ie came to be called the “lifesaver of Tottori”.
His descendents later served for generations as retainers of the Iwakuni clan and since then, strong ties of friendship exist between the two cities.

77 Yoshikawa statue

The Kikkawa family (橘川氏) was a samurai clan of Japan's Sengoku period. The most famous member of the clan is likely Kikkawa Motoharu (1530-1586), one of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's generals, who was adopted into the family. Along with the Kobayakawa clan, the Kikkawa played an important role in Hideyoshi's Kyūshū Campaign (1586-7), and later became daimyo in Izumo province and Iwakuni after that.



. Jinpukaku 仁風閣 (Jinpuukaku)  

. . . Nagi and Chizu  


. Nagata Shrine in Kobe 長田神社  神戸 .

. keyaki 欅 伝説 Legends about the Zelkova tree .

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