Tanjo-Ji in Autumn 2007


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autumn deepens -
the unfettered beauty
of this Amida temple

34 breathtaking RED

autumn deepens -
the beauty of prayer
in stone

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25 more branches

Amida Buddha

58 Amida unclear


Temple Tanjo-Ji, ALBUM November 2007


Temple Tanjo-Ji in my neighbourhood
Temple Tanjo-Ji in Okayama
Saint Honen was born here !

Saint Honen, born at this temple ..
by Gabi Greve

Joodo Paradise where we meet again ..


***** pickled radish, takuanzuke 沢庵漬
kigo for all winter

..... Takuan was a famous Zen Priest, who invented this dish. It is very popular. Zen monks are supposed to eat their slices of Takuan radish without making any noise. There are usually two slices on the plate, used to carefully clear out the bolws afer eating and then munching the Takuan in silence.
If you want to know the secret of eating Takuan in silence, contact me :o) !

The Unfettered Mind. by Takuan Soho

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