Spring Festival 2008 Tanjoji


01 Temple Tanjo-Ji Festival until Nr. 34

procession of the children

15 proud to be one of them

procession of the 25 Bodhisattvas starts

20 Bosatsu leaving Main Hall

24 proud husband leading his bosatsu wife

26 bosatsu with a drum

Bosatsu with a flute

28 bosatsu with a sho flute

spring ceremony -
he leads his Buddha
by the hand


Tanjo-Ji Neirkuyo 誕生時 練り供養

Procession of the 25 Bodhisattvas in honour of the parents of Saint Honen Shonin, who was born here.

The masks do not provide much vision for the wearer, so eack Bosatsu is trusting its leader on the way. It is a special honour to be choosen as one of the 25 each year.

The Amida Prayer  Namu Amida Butsu was chanted the whole day via loudspeakers in the temple compound.

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. Temple Tanjo-Ji ant Saint Honen

25 Bosatsu

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