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Yonago 米子
Yonago was originally a fishing village called Kano.

MAP of Yonago area

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Yonago (米子市, Yonago-shi) is a city located in the northwest of Tottori, Japan, facing the Sea of Japan, and adjacent to Shimane. It is the prefecture's second largest city after Tottori and therefore a commercial center of the western part of this prefecture.

The current city was administratively founded on April 1, 1927, and merged with Yodoe Town in 2005. It has an art gallery.

The name "Yonago" means "Rice Child", though since the city has begun to develop into a trade center of note, it has acquired the nickname Osaka in San-in.

The Amago family, the daimyo in the Sengoku period, constructed a castle in the area. In the Edo period, the castle was kept by a castellan who served the Ikeda of Tottori.

Yonago has always been an important crossing point of several routes in the area.
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coming from Mizuguchi, take route 181

Kugo Shrine, Kugo Jinja 久古神社
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Maruyama Shrine, Maruyama Jinja 丸山神社

near Kishimoto

Temple Oodera haiji 大寺廃寺

Temple Sakanaka haiji 坂中は廃寺

Odaka Castle Remains


Yonago Castle Remains 米子城(よなごじょう)

Situated on Mount Ii (飯山(いいのやま)

The Amako (尼子 ( あまこ )Amago) were descended from Takahisa, a grandson of Rokkaku Takauji. Takahisa is said to have taken the name 'Amako' since he had been raised by a nun (ama (nun), ko (son). He took Tomita Castle in Izumo Province for the Kyôgoku shugo and his descendants were powerful in Izumo from the 14th Century until the mid-16th Century. From their headquarters at Gassan-Toda Castle, the Amako challenged, with mixed results, the Ôuchi and, later, the Môri. They were destroyed as daimyô by Môri Motonari in 1566 and disappeared as a military force with the suicide of Amako Katsuhisa in 1578.

Amako Tsunehisa, Lord of Izumo
Iyo no kami, Mimbu-shôsuke

Tsunehisa was the eldest son of Amako Kiyosada 尼子清定 (d.1487).
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From there, the Road to Daisen, Daisen Michi
大山道 (だいせんみち)started.

An Overview of my visits

There have been five old roads leading toward Mt. Daisen and its famous temple from the Yonago area, the one from the city itself started from Odaka, now it is route 24.

Booryoo Michi 坊領(ぼうりょう)道」
Odaka Michi 「尾高(おだか)道」
Mizoguchi Michi 「溝口(みぞぐち)道」
Yokote Michi 「横手(よこて)道」
Kawatoko Michi 「川床(かわとこ)道」

The temple at Mt. Daisen was also famous as a protector deity for the cows and horses, important animals of their time.

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From Yonago to Sakai ... Sakai Orai
(Sakai oorai 境往来)

With beautiful storehouses and merchants' residences reflected on the river surface, and with Mt. Daisen on the background, the road extends to the sea...

The road connects the city of Yonago, called "Commercial Capital" of San-in, to Sakai-Minato. Yonago is a castle town of Hoki Province with 180,000-koku that was constructed in the early Edo Period with the construction of the Yonago Castle. It prospered in the mid Edo Period through Taisho Era by maritime transportation business.

In the downtown area around the former Kamogawa river that once prospered as a transportation passage, there are still storehouses of white plastered walls and residences of distinguished merchants remaining. And along Teramachi (temple town) street are nine temples that were gathered for the strongholds of the Yonago Castle, giving the clear atmosphere of a castle town.

Pleasure boats for Kamogawa river and Nakaumi lake cruise depart from the front of white-walled storehouses.
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My walk through
The Temple Town of Yonago, Teramachi 寺町

Okamoto Store in the Temple Town

. . . DRAGONS of Yonago Temple Town


Yonago ...  Photo Album

Mizoguchi 溝口宿

Yasugi 安来宿

More detailed Izumo Entries to enjoy !

Izumo Kaido, The Old Road of Izumo 出雲街道



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