Mount Daisen

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101 Mount Daisen in snow

105 spring and Mount Daisen

Spring 2008

the beauty of our Japan -
old mountains and modern
electricity lines

103 a chance snapshot of modern Japan

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Mount Daisen (大山, Daisen),
is a volcanic mountain located in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. It has an elevation of 1,729 metres. This mountain is the highest in the Chūgoku region, and the most important volcano on the Daisen volcanic belt. The Daisen volcanic belt is a part of western Japan volcanic belt, where the Philippine Plate is subducting under the Eurasian Plate.

Mount Daisen is a Complex volcano, which was made by repeated volcanic activities in many thousands years. Eruptions in this area started 1.8 million years ago and made ‘Old Mount Daisen’ by 500 thousand years ago. Today’s Mount Daisen was a ‘New Mount Daisen’ made by second group of eruptions which started 50 thousand years ago on a part of Caldera of Old Mount Daisen till 10 thousands years ago. 50 thousands years ago, this mountain made plinian eruption, and volcanic ash can be found in the Tohoku Region of Japan. This mountain is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, and also one of the Chūgoku 100 mountains.

Mount Daisen, which stood directly from the Sea of Japan, was regarded as one of the most important mountain for Japanese Shugendo. According to ‘Izumo Kokudo Fudoki, which was completed the edition in 733, this mountain was called ‘Ookamitake’’, literally, ‘Mountain of the great god.’

In the middle of the mountain, there is a Buddhist temple, called ‘Daisen-Ji', the temple of Mount Daisen. As a centre of worship on the mountain, this temple has developed since the Heian Period.

Climbing the mountain used to be severely prohibited without a selected monk of Daisen-ji and common people could not access the mountain until the Edo Period.
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. Seikooboo 清光坊 Seikobo, Seiko-Bo
Hookiboo 伯耆坊 Hokibo, Hoki-Bo
伯耆大山清光坊 Hoki Daisen Seiko-Bo .

The Tengu from Mount Daisensan

. Izumo no Kuni Shinbutsu Pilgrimage 出雲國神仏霊場編 .
第10番:大山寺(だいせんじ)【鳥取県大山町】 Nr. 10 Temple Daisen-Ji


More PHOTOS from here on ! 2008 Spring

Mt. Daisen, my visit in 2005

Izumo Kaido, The Old Road of Izumo 出雲街道

. Tottori Folk Art - 鳥取県  .

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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

- quote -
Daisen Shinkō - 大仙 Mount Daisen

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The founding legend says that a hunter from Tamatsukuri in Izumo called Yorimichi entered the mountain from the bay at Miho chasing a golden wolf. When he tried to shoot it Jizō rose out of the earth and the wolf transformed into an old nun called Toran-ni. The wolf was an incarnation of the mountain kami (yama no kami), who, as a nun, persuaded Yorimichi to seek after enlightenment, and gave him the name of Kinren to encourage him in his religious training. Thus Yorimichi is considered to be the founder of Daisen.
Toranni 都藍尼(とらんに)Toran-Ni - 女仙人 Toran no Ama, a female Sennin 

Gabi Greve said...

Mount Daisen, 五合目山の神さん Yamanokami san at the 5th station