Mikamo (Izumo Kaido)

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Postal Town Mikamo 美甘村

044 manhole of Mikamo
a cheeful manhole cover
A little side tour:
Manholes and Daruma San !

Mikamo, just one stop before the famous Shinjo village, was rather deserted and we could enjoy the cherry blossomw without the crowds.
These cherry trees have been planted in honor of the birth of Showa Tenno.

034 pink riverside

030 cherry blossom alley OK

029 this floating world

these cherry blossoms
on the fast river ...
a floating world


037 pink with roofs

Mikamo Shrine 美甘神社

The present building dates back to 1575. It changed the Chinese characters of its name from "Mikamo Jinja" 御鴨神社(みかもじんじゃ) to 美甘神社 in 1873. The deity honored here is the "Kamo no Kami", かもの神 (加茂神), a son of the Gread Deity of Izumo, Okuninushi no kami.
Legend has it that together with his brother Miwa no Kami 三輪君 they represent the origin of the Imperial Family of Japan.
The whole area took its name after this deity around 650 and started using the Chinese characters 美甘郷 around 715. Later the shrine burned down and two new ones where built, one here and one in the next village of Shinjo. The main shrine festival is in October.

In this shrine, the deity Ajisukitaka Hikone 味鋤高彦根命 ( あじすきたかひこね) is worshipped. (阿遅鉏高日子根神)

Chinese characters used for the KAMO deity 賀茂、加茂、鴨.

鴨建角身命-玉依彦-生玉兄日子命→賀茂・鴨県主 (Kamo no Agatanushi)

© moritaya

We also have this god of the KAMO lineage:
Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto 賀茂建角身命

Mikamo Shrine -
where god and man meet
in spring splendor

In the eaves of the outer decoration, I found small crab carvings.

041 river crabs

039 shrine roof structure


Mikamo Temari Handballs
美甘 手まり (手毬)

050 temari ball exhibition

051 temari poster detail

049 more hand balls temari

048 temari hand balls

Temari Balls, Priest Ryokan and Haiku


Mikamo Photo Album

on the road to Mikamo


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