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the god of toothache -
I wish I was there
to add my coin

In the town of Kathmandu there is a God of Toothache at a road corner in Thamel, just a piece of wood shaped like a molar itself. If you have a toothache, you go there and hammer one coin wishing your illness might pass.

Since my tooth is rather active today, I remembered this God.

Thamel is a district of Kathmandu where even nowadays many dentists reside.

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More Gods of Japan to heal your toothache !
Yakushi Nyorai and Jizo for your Toothache


More Dentist Haiku

aki tatsu hi uroba ni gin o uzume-keri

The day autumn began
I had a cavity in my tooth
filled with silver.

Ryuunosuke, tr. Makoto Ueda

the dentist--
all his ten fingers
and thumbs in my mouth

Laura Bell, from Higginson's "Haiku World"


. . . . . Dentist Haiku
. compiled by Larry Bole

autumn rain;
another cavity to fill:
my fiftieth year

coldest day of the year
and coincidentally
a toothache

plants everwhere
in the dentist's waiting room:
my teeth feel mossy

(my new dentist)

"I won't hurt you,"
the first words out of his mouth
on a mild winter day

leaving the dentist
I bite off a big mouthful
of crisp winter air

eating fast food
after a teeth cleaning:
an epicurean feast!

--Larry Bole

Dental and dentistry haiku by others:

in the dentist's waiting room
tulips with their petals
tightly shut

--George Swede

professional conference--
in the restroom all the dentists
washing their hands

--Lee Gurga

at last no cavities;
every tooth

--John Brandi

every zero
tidily filled in
the dentist's ledger

--Elizabeth St Jacques

record high--
this heat
even in my toothpaste

--Michael Dylan Welch

muzukashii saiku ha-isha mo kuchi o aki

A difficult piece of work,
The dentist
Opens his mouth too.

--Gorosuke, trans. R. H. Blyth

asa-samu ya hamigaki niou tsuma no kuchi

The morning cold:
smelling of tooth powder,
my wife's mouth.

Sojo, trans. Ueda

banryoku no naka ya ako no ha hae-somuru

Myriad green leaves--
in their midst my baby
begins to cut his teeth

trans. Ueda

(Blyth's translation of the above haiku:

Among the myriad leaves of spring
My child has begun
To cut his teeth.)

. . . . .

kane ga nai
mono ga nai
ha ga nai

no money
no things
no teeth
just me

--Santoka, trans. Addiss

tsumetasa no ha ni shimiru ha o itawaro

babying it
the tooth so sensitive
to cold things

--Santoka, trans. Burton Watson

horori to nuketa ha de wa aru

This the tooth that came out just like that

--Santoka, trans. Sato

the inside of my mouth utterly foul, I eat sardines

--Tokihiko, trans. Sato

And finally, two haiku making an indirect reference to teeth growing old, and tooth loss,
both by Matsuo Basho:

otoroi ya ha ni kui ateshi nori no suna

ebbing strength--
my teeth detect a grain of sand
in the dried seaweed

trans. Ueda

(my version:

feeling decrepit:
biting on a bit of sand
in the dried seaweed)

uo no hone shiwaburu made no oi o mite

Old age
sucking on
fish bones.

trans. Lenore Mayhew, an interior verse in the 'kasen' "Summer Moon" ('Natsu no Tsuki').

all that he can do
is suck upon the bones of fish
and think of old age
trans. Miner

I have become so old -
I have to suckle
fish bones

Tr. Gabi Greve


External LINK
God of Toothache


Dentist Daruma だるまのマーく
A Picture Book for Children.
Daruma goes to the forest with his big toothbrush and fights with the bacteria monsters.

source : だるまのマーくん


Yoga for Toothache ! . My GenkiJuku

My Toothache haiku from 2006

. tooth hardening ceremony 歯固 hagatame
observance kigo for the New Year


. Agonashi Jizo あごなし地蔵尊
Jizo without a chin .

healing toothache



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Anonymous said...

tooth ach me too
but never to Katmandu
cause of loving green Japan.

thank you Gabi san for your wonderful slide show.


You are most welcome, Sakuo san,
we loved Nepal a lot!