Tsuboi (Izumo Kaido)

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Postal Town Tsuboi 坪井宿

About 14 kilometers after Tsuyama. The walk along the river Yoshii is most pleasant, even nowadays. The small town is rather quiet nowadays. An artificial waterway (water from the nearby river 七森川) dating from the Edo period still passes by the houses along the mainstreet.

The old postal station changed the local lord many times during the Edo period and was even divided between an upper and lower village (坪井上村と坪井下村). During the times when it was under the direct government of the Edo Bakufu, a place for the governor was build (daikansho 代官所). It is not quite clear since when it became a postal town of the Road to Izumo, but maybe as early as 1603.

The Japanese signboard is here.

The old boat landing place with stone lanterns.

There are three mile stones (ichi ri zuka) in the area around Tsuboi. There was also a great pine tree close by, but that was lost in the Meiji Period.

The river on the road from Kume to Tsuboi.

Spring in the garden of an old home

An old storehouse, kura

. Udatsu 卯建 firewalls in Tsuboi .


Temple Shoonen-Ji 称念寺 in Tsuboi Details

Spring Garden of an old home

Dragon Shop Sign at a local fish store

Konpira Shrine Memorial Stone Lantern

Blue Spring Sky and Buds Bursting

Layers of Life in Spring Sunshine

Eight views of the modern roadFrom here to #8.

Tsuboi Photo Album

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Izumo Kaido, The Old Road of Izumo 出雲街道



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